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Welcome to Willow Creek Farm - Home of Dawn’s Custom Carding

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Our farm is a family business and we have been processing wool and wool products for the past 10 years. We process long to fine wools, alpaca, llama and mohair.

We offer custom fiber processing and produce quality roving, batts and webs. We recently purchased an M-26 industrial carding machine to compliment our two Patrick Green Carders, which will increase our processing capacity considerably.Black Face Sheep Please see our Fiber Processing for specific details.

In addition to fiber processing, we offer a wide variety of fiber (raw, washed, processed, dyed), sheep and angora pelts, and yarns.

We also raise registered white and colored Angora goats, registered white and colored Lincoln sheep and Nubian goats.

We are located in Roy Washington at the foothills of Mt Rainier--just north of Olympia.

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