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Raw Fiber Processing Prices

** Please call for price on exotic fibers (alpaca, llama, etc.)

Washing Only (includes skirting & color sorting)
Note: Fifty cents per pound will be added for extremely dirty fleeces that require double and triple washing. You will be notified if your fiber requires extra washing.

Washing and Picking Only (includes skirting & color sorting) $5.00

Carding into Batts (includes skirting, color sorting, washing & picking) $6.00

Carding into Roving (includes skirting, color sorting, washing & picking) $7.00


Washed Fiber Processing Prices
(you wash)

Service Price/Pound

Machine Pick Only $3.00

Carding into Batts (includes picking) $5.00

Carding into Roving (includes picking) $6.00

Dyeing - fiber only no yarns $7.00

Note: We reserve the right to rewash fibers that are not clean enough to process. You will be notified before your fiber is rewashed.

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